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You need to forget everything you have been told about making money online. Things have gotten worse, much worse…


Last year I have made over  $320.000 USD from the comfort of my home. All the while the gap between the wealthy and the poor keeps widening at an alarming pace.

During these hard times I have received many e-mails & phone calls from friends and relatives begging me to show them a “ …clear path away from failure towards wealth and freedom of choice”

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Before we start out i have to tell you that this opportunity is limited.

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One of my “beta testers” pockets a nice $5000 each and every month following just a single investment advice after having his capital pumped up to $ 50.000 usd with a single investment advice out of my members zone.

Betatester Rick spills the beans..

"I urge you, LIMIT the membership to 5000 people maximum...." Rick says in this private interview


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A disillusioned work from home no-hoper earns  $1000 every 30 days increasing his revenue by $200 usd / every month compounding upwards. By the end of the year he`s going to make $3000 each and every month.

And we do NOT talk about working here. We talk about a few mouse clicks a day checking through your investment portfolio and withdrawing earnings.

In the paragraphs that follow I will show you how you might be able to do just  the same…

You’ll find everything you need to know: how I started out investing …how I managed to duplicate what the REALLY rich web investors do.
And finally, you'll learn how to generate  a job-killing income for guys who tried the "other methods" and turned to me in desperation. But before I get started, I need to see if we're on the same page...

Do you agree that all of this needs
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I have to put a STOP to the days of wasted money... on useless e-books and money making systems that do not work and cost me cash and valuable time


I want to "spy” on the wealthy guys .. and copy their investments step by step


I believe that it is out there - the financial freedom. But I know the only way to become seriously wealthy is to ruthlessly copy the moves of others that already wander on the path of freedom and luxury.


I accept that the only way I will ever get my share of the pie is to forget everything I thought I knew about investments and start to get serious about letting my money multiply itself.. over and over again.

Do you think you deserve an answer?

Well, I’m about to give it to you. The catch is that you may not like how the average Joe gets left in the dark while a selected few earn hundreds of thousands of dollars...


"How A Poor Unemployed, No Skills & No Connections Dude Invested $ 1500 And Ended Up Driving A 500 Horsepower Corvette Z06.."

Fellow Frustrated Wealth Seeker,

before I explain why you have failed at something you care so deeply about… I want to take a moment to introduce myself.

You might know me simply as Steve and in the last 20  months, I’ve build myself an investment bankroll of over 400.000 Euros . But... I’m not a guru. That isn’t what I’m known for.

In fact, I made my fortune while staying totally anonymous..

I do not like to stay in the spotlight, or attract too much attention. 
I’ll come onto exactly how I did it – and how you can shamelessly “copy” my success too - in a moment, but let’s back up a bit...

You see, I think I owe you an explanation as to why I’ve waited so long before writing this letter.

A reason why I have stood on the side-lines, allowing you to waste thousands on worthless E-books and “get rich quick”schemes that took your money and time.
My guess is that, in that period, you’ve spent a load of your hard-earned cash on junk masquerading as good advice.

You might even have been stung by so-called “business opportunities” and “make money guides” that looked great on paper, but failed to deliver.
You may have dropped thousands of dollars on advertising or scam opportunities and barely seen anything back. Bad and fraudulent Investments may have taken your money and run.

I’m here to tell you the BIG GUYS are making far more than you could have ever have imagined… but they're doing something wildly different.

But, why have I stood by and allowed all of this to happen? The answer might surprise you: I needed to make sure you had a blueprint to follow….



"From unemployable lazy nothing-good-for guy to WEALTHY nothing-good-for guy in less than a year”

My name is Steve, and I’ll start by telling you what I'm not. I’m not a super guru or an internet genius.

Instead, I’m just a regular guy – like you. The difference between us isn’t the "techniques". It isn’t even the 600.000 dollars sitting in my account. The different is simply this: I got lucky.

Before I got into the investing business , I was searching the web for a good business opportunity just like you. I had no job and lived off my parents wallet. They eventually grew tired of me and told me to get a job.  I hated the idea, I resented working 8 hours / day. I figured out there HAD to be a better way.  And then, one day a friend of mine introduced me to the world of Online Opportunities. Right away, out of sheer desperation, I became a rabid buyer. Stop me if any of this sounds familiar…
Over the next six months or so, I tried every business opportunity going: from paid-to-shop to survey systems, from MLM to eBay, from AdSense and affiliate marketing to gambling systems.
Then, in early 2006, my gambles finally paid off.

I hit on Online investments.

It seemed like it was the perfect, low-capital, easy-to-do business I had been looking for. No working hours,  no promoting, effortless investing only.

I knew instantly that this was the business for me.

At the time I thought that simply being an investor was enough to guarantee me financial freedom and take away all of my worries. Sadly, I was wrong.
At the time, I invested into several online opportunities. However after a few months they eventually all failed.. All but ONE.
That investment grew by 950%!
I was stunned. I knew my Life wouldn`t  be the same…. Bringing my failed investments into account I had gained $1230 in pure profits.

"This might not seem like much to you, but at the time it meant everything"

That single moment validated my dreams. That night, I realized that in order to be a successful investor I had to analyze the opportunities carefully and invest on several fronts in order to find the pearls hidden underneath all the scams and frauds that plague the net. My income hit $50 a day, then $200... until, in July 2006, I was making over $5000 a month in revenue. And then, sitting in a hotel room in Rome, it came to me: I had to create a blueprint that detailed precisely how I had gone from zero to $5000 a month in well under a year.

Over 98% of the investment opportunities are scams

I started researching heavily and took my time to interview the most successful investors on the planet. We had to find a way how to identify the real opportunities and quickly I started recognizing that I had invested into scams. The trick was I went in heavily and left before the ship was sinking.

It eventually came to me that it didn`t matter so much as where to invest, but “when”.

Timing is everything

To duplicate my success for others  I had to find a sure way to get everyone the right “get in” and “get out” signals at the right time

I started hiring up insiders and professional investors and together we developed a screening process. Each and every opportunity would be carefully analyzed under several aspects. Yield ratio, risk factors, design and appearance, contact information, legal registrations, incorporated materials, personal contacts, third person connections and affiliations and many more.  Over 150 factors would eventually validate the opportunity.


The results where astonishing

We selected 15 beta testers and let them try out our members zone for 60 days.  Results varied depending on their investment amount, but the average gain was 87%.


The investing world was in shock at what happened next: word of mouth drove hundreds of investors to my site for the truth. We where not prepared for this and could not open our site to the public until now
But all the while I knew that there was something missing from my formula, despite all the testimonials, irrespective of the thousands of dollars my test subjects were making...


"Never Bother About Your Boring Unfulfilling  Job Again"

The few that qualify for my offer will automate my every move...

Stop the time-wasting, start profiting - automatically. My Club system automates every move I made to hit my soon to come seven figure income - from finding the best opportunities to extracting the absolute winners, from automatically seeking out the hottest and highest paying investments  , through withdrawing tons of money  via debit cards at every ATM machine on the planet. In fact, every month, we automatically rank over 50+  auto pilot money makers, track and warn you about hundreds of scams, , "spy" behind the scenes of secret time limited opportunities and so much more...

No more wasted costs. Our Club automatically picks the hottest investments for you, meaning the days of "searching home business opportunities, mlm dreck, cold calling, vitamine selling and the like " are over.

Viciously slash the learning curve. Whether you're a seasoned pro, or a complete " newbie" to the investment world, the Club does it all - down to actually pinpoint the websites for you. Just tap a few buttons, invest, sit back ...and the profit OVERNIGHT. All you need is the discipline to pounce for the kill when my $30,000 system tells you to...


How You Can Use The Ultimate Income Club to "pick-pocket" Your Way to Financial Freedom...


Let’s get two things clear before I tell you about membership in this exclusive club. First, I use the term “pick-pocket” because it’s the best way I can think of to describe this very unconventional way of making a fortune. But don’t worry - while you will have never come across anything like this before , there’s nothing illegal about what I do.
Secondly, you must prepare yourself for a potentially very serious, and extremely sudden jump in your income.

While it might sound crazy to you, my experience, tells me this: some people don’t really want to make the kind of money I am talking about.

Some people aren’t prepared to open their mind to new and unique techniques – the truth is they just aren’t ready to break away from failure and explode their income.


Only 940 spots left unfortunately

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You see, the methods I am talking about have the proven potential and already making others a substantial second income every year – I don't expect you to make anything like the $1 million a year that I make, but it's certainly possible to pump a consistent amounts weekly. If that kind of cash seems inconceivable or even scary to you, then this is simply not for you.

And, in fact, many of you may not even qualify for enrolment in my exclusive club, a point I will return to later.

So what exactly is my offer about? Well, let's start by looking at what my offer is not...


"Don't Stop Reading Until you Realize
These Important Facts..."

  • You don’t need to know a thing about investments to make money from this. This method works for anyone, even those who’ve never setup a website or invested before now. In fact, everything has been already laid out for you

  • No decision-making or intense thinking is required from you. Ever. This system has been setup to be a “follow-the-proven-signals” type way of making a living. We want profiting to be easy as baking a cake from a recipe book.

  • Once you’re up to speed, the whole process could take as little as 5-10 minutes per day. I like to make my money, and then enjoy my life… so you certainly don’t need to be in front of your computer for long stretches of the day.

  • No, promoting, calling & advertising ever again. You see the signal, you invest, you wait, you take the profit. That`s it!

  • You won't have to bury yourself in training materials for months before you start. Remember, the beauty of this unique system is it's devastating simplicity. It could well start generating income for you within a few days...


"Tap into a treasure chest full of highly profitable opportunities and let your money multiply itself… ” 

You've probably  seen websites with investment opportunities. Those so called “investment advisors” collect referral fees when they promote a given investment . And how good are they really?
From personal experience I can tell you that the “investments”  will suck the money from your wallet faster than a hole in your fuel tank!

Plugging money into them would cause you to go broke before you could hit the withdrawal button even once. You need an independent and unbiased success blueprint laid out for you.


You will be getting:

#1: The Short Term Ultra High Profit Signals

Here comes my maniacal laugh again.

Within the members zone... you will discover the most profitable investment opportunities.. some of them go as far as yielding 3% on your deposit per DAY! These moneymakers will be carefully researched and updated from day to day basis. We will tell you when to get in and when to get out to pocked huge profits starting within minutes, after you accessed the exclusive members zone.

You just invest a few dimes here and there and watch it grow overnight! Some investment programs will let you withdraw profits even DAILY, some weekly and a few monthly. You will have recovered your initial deposit within weeks sometimes!  

Now all you do is...
Login to your memberszone, check the daily updates, make a few choices and BAM! You are on your way and opened up a few new income streams!

Remember: NO Promoting, NO selling and NO marketing will be required from you ever. This is the one and only way on the web to put your income totally on autopilot.

Illegal? It should be... but it's NOT!

The Signals are so easy to use, and so fast... I guarantee you will get the hangof it in 2 minutes.. In fact, once you join , you'll...

Discover super-profitable INSTANT moneymakers! We spy into the background of the opportunities, jump in guns blazing and leave with Suitcases full of money! It`s like legally robbing casinos!



Each investment is put through A Complex Screening process. "Smart Technology and a proven system" make sure you will see just the best and most “hidden” Investment pearls. No more guesswork. Ever. This membership is like having a machine that prints out "Get Out Of The Rat Race Jail" cards.



Weekly meetings are being held by the top investment gurus on the internet, discussing the investments that made it through the harsh screening and then the best get separated from the rest HAND PICKED.  

The absolute best signals on the planet
...and only one part of the Ultimate Income Club


No... that's not all. Not by a long shot! I'm just warming up. How'd you like to...

"Learn The Secrets On How To Secure your High Yield Profits And Earn Further With Low Risk Long Term Investments”

#2: Long Term Investments With Stable profits

Get access to the best and most stable long term investment opportunities

What's a so called "long-term" investment, and why should you care?

Short term investments yield a ton of profit. But once your capital grows from a few hundreds of bucks into the thousands and tens of thousands you need to secure your profits. Let`s face it, short term high yield profiting is also high risk. Therefore you need much less risky opportunities to keep multiplying large amounts of capital in a safe way.

Now with the club`s research it's dead-set-simple to take full advantage of the Ultimate income club`s long term investments, to find the profitable long timers and clear cut out the scams like an unprotected rain forest. All the while lining your pockets with cold-hard-cash!

Along with the expert advices you get from me, these opportunities will pay you back many times... every single day.

Goes hand-in-hand with the other club mechanics. Opportunities that yield 1-10% every month and keep going for many years



Save tons of money in miss-investing and avoid losing your swift high profit gains." These Long Timers will cut out the risks like a Samurai. First we slash the risks out... then we reel back and slash them again, until you're seeing the few long term gold donkeys left for you to milk like a fat cashcow.



Pros and Cons of the opportunities laid out clearly for you. If the payments are on track, what's good, what`s bad and so much more to define the money makers.

Instead of blowing a hundred bucks on get rich quick schemes or useless self improvement E-books everyday, with a net result of a big fat goose egg... just earn like 40-90% on your invested money month after month!.

Well, what if you had just 20 of the best investment programs and your capital spread over them?  Well, put simply, that works out a $300,000 a year or more. There are no limits!. Of course, I don't expect you to make that kind of money, but then again what difference would even an extra $50, $100 or even $200 a day make to your lifestyle...


"Never Be A Victim Again,Stay Ahead of The Scams!"

#3: Protect your wealth with our scam warnings

This membership feature excites me to no end.

Our Scam warning section is updated daily and helps you stay clear of fruitless programs that are just out to take your money and run.

You sit back and let our network of researchers and insiders do all the dirty work for you.

I'm not kidding... The investment world is very dangerous and over 98% of the investment opportunities are scams

Can you afford not to know what makes or breaks your bank account?

Talk about a short cut to the big money! Your competition will hate you, but you're not here to win a popularity contest. You're here to make enough cash to finally quit that day job.

Just imagine how much more profit you'd grab if you could...

Steer clear of the scams and keep building your money mountain.
Stop loosing hard earned cash and never waste anymore energy trying to research. It`s all laid out for you!
Finally start building your investing business into something that works for you, instead of the other way around. Give yourself the freedom I enjoy now.

Those 3 super-secret, super-effective membership features are just the tip of the iceberg. Right now, my team is currently developing tons more "members only" features you will use to shoot your profits into the stratosphere... your part is to just lean back and reap the rewards!

I Haven't Even Gotten To The Online Tools, Yet.


Membership in the "Ultimate Income Club" also gives you membership to many more features. Here you'll find some must-have, time-saving, profit-squeezing, online tools. 

Tools to help you manage your investments and open up new income streams.  Tools that just make your online earnings more stream-lined. 

The UIC Earnings calculator - automatically let`s you do forecasts on your earnings across all your investments for example.

But there's even more...

How about a chance of winning millions for free or earning a few hundred bucks without having to invest a single dollar? We give out invites to private or beta programs that offer this chance. Yes actually this means money for free.  

Want to cash out your earnings without the need for bulky and complicated bank accounts. How about a cool debit cards that let`s you dish out your earnings at $1500 per day. Do you know the feeling, when angry folks wait in line behind you while the ATM machine will keep spitting out money? Our members do! ;)

Want to trade the forex market and earn a few thousands on the sidelines? It´s all in here!

You could easily glance at a topic for a quick reminder, and spend the rest of your time making money...

Finally: a simple way to copy the elite Investors and cash in by automating a proven $1,000,000 success story...

And herein lies the beauty of my Club. The $30,000 worth of system that you are only a few minutes away from having access to, is a fully automated wealth-creation system. From the research, down to investment selection, the entire system automatically isolates where the money is being made, and tells you what to do to copy the winners.

In fact, any independent thought on your part is not only actively discouraged – it could be downright disastrous, a point I will return to later. You let my system & team pin-point the “money-makers” and make the decisions for you. All you do is follow the prompts and enjoy the rewards.

Let’s compare this hands-off strategy you are about to discover to the one employed by your competition, the poor suckers who don’t know about this membership...

Most investors spend a few hours picking a product to invest to and if they are lucky, after hours of research, invest their money, probably a big lump sum. Only to figure out after like a few days that the opportunity magically disappeared.. with their funds.


It’s no wonder 92% of the investors lose money. They fall right into the trap that free forums, and investment advice sites give out. Those sites earn by luring unknowing novices and newcomers into investing into false and tempt sounding offers, while they get a % (often as high as 10%!!) from their deposit paid out instantly. It doesn't matter , if you get a free advice on where to invest your money.. its never free.. it is going to cost you.. in the worst case your whole deposit.

And that was the biggest trap of all that I discovered back in 2006. Once you understand this one simple idea, the investment game becomes one big cash machine you can dip in and out of… sure in the knowledge that you are following the “smart money” each time.

Here’s the crux of the secret I am about to expose you to…

When the big investors are active in the game, they leave behind tell-tale foot-prints. The trick is to know how to spot these foot-prints and to figure out how to play the game their way. If you can follow the money, it doesn’t take much to catch a ride with the big players.

Anyone who's ever followed a "make money" guide but didn't get the results they wanted, needs to secure access to the Ultimate Income Club

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a veteran investor, or someone who’s just tried a few money-making methods and decided that the usual methods just don’t work for them… what you’ll discover on the other side of the join button will turn everything you thought you knew about living off investments upside down… and almost force your bank account to respond.

And if that doesn't convince you, then let me give you a free piece of advice, a rule so devastatingly effective, it's worth millions in the right hands....



Understand: if you want to generate serious wealth, you must copy exactly what the seriously wealthy are doing

Think about that for a second. Even if you don’t understand why a certain method works, don’t you think the easiest and quickest way to profit is to shamelessly swipe from the guys who are already making tens of thousands? Isn't that by far and away your best chance to take what you want from life?

The smart wealth-seekers profit now… and ask questions later.

It was that single unshakeable rule that allowed me to leap-frog the competition and become one of the most successful opportunity investors of all-time… and its that same rule that could determine whether you achieve everything you ever want from life, or hurtle along the same miserable path of failure that 92% of investors are currently on.

And remember, online investing is already a $2 billion industry. The question isn’t whether or not people are making money – some are making far more than either of us could even hope to achieve.

The question then is, what do they know that you don’t, and how could you ever access their knowledge? It’s a question that 99% of the planet will never discover the answer to, but it’s that very answer that lies locked away on the other side of the download page, hidden deep in my investment blueprints and the programming code that controls my $30,000 dollar club.

And that’s why, if you're smart, you'll do absolutely everything in your power to find out what moves the seriously wealthy are making right now… and ruthlessly clone each and every step as you ascend the ladder to freedom and success.

And that is precisely how I can help you today…


You can do it anywhere...

You can pull in thousands anywhere in the world. I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars across three continents. A few minutes in the morning in the internet café, and the rest of your vacation is yours. Hang out with friends, spend time with your kids, play golf… whatever you want to do, you can spend 90% of your time doing.

And the beautiful part of this business is that you can start it instantly, without the usual worries of a typical business:

YOU DON’T need to handle and products, or interact with any customers.

YOU DON’T need to be an expert to profit. In fact you don’t need any experience, and certainly no formal education – whether you’re a high-school drop-out or a qualified neuro-surgeon, it doesn’t stop you from applying my proven Assassin system.

YOU DON’T need a website.. ever

YOU DON’T need to fork out for any huge investments, you can start out and work yourself up. All you need is a very small budget, a working internet connection, and the discipline to follow my step-by-step signals.

And the most exciting parts of the business are:

YOU CAN make as much as several million dollars. There's really no cap on how much money you can money, other than your own ambition.

YOU CAN start part-time, working only a few minutes per day. You can work around your job or current commitments, and invest as much or as little time as you want. Its such a hands-off business, that once you get going, you can kiss goodbye to 50 hour work weeks forever.

YOU CAN run your part-time investment from anywhere on the planet – it doesn’t matter where you live, and you can easily work while you're on vacation.


Why the UI Club Members Laugh to the Bank
... while 92% of the outsiders fail …

If you are currently struggling to make money with anything you see advertised on the web , then I know exactly what you're going through. The bottom line is, unless you team up with someone who makes a hell of alot of money , it's damn hard. Even if you pick investing as your profession of choice, you still have all of the following to worry about:

PAIN #1: Spending hours researching opportunities, and still having to waste thousands of dollars in bad investments.

If you want to find investments , you need to do it through the search engines, forums and friends advices which means you need to trust outsiders and people that benefit from you investing while they reap part of your deposit as referring fees.

And here’s what makes it all so treacherous: you don’t know which investments work until you’ve already blown hundreds or thousands. And if you train hard enough and consider all the losses it will take even months or even years to make your lost money back … and even longer to actually reap profits.

Finally, you can spend literally days doing laborious research and still not find the big money makers , club members are profiting from.

In short, it isn't easy... and it's only going to get worse.

THE AILMENT: Our advanced membership (appropriately named, the ultimate income club) builds you a profitable investment list and then scans it against a list of thousands of scams.

Remember what I said about copying the moves of the seriously wealthy?

Then, Club automatically flags each investment with a “profitability” score and tells you what to watch out for, when to get in and when to leave a sinking ship. All the work is done for you. Just copy and paste.

PAIN #2: Dropping Thousands of dollars into currently "HOT" investments and when the big crash comes.. wondering where your money is.

With over 10,000 investments to choose from and like hundreds of new ones popping up every week , its difficult to know which ones are winners and for how long. In fact, even assuming you pick the investment , in my experience 98% of those opportunities will normally make you a loss.

THE AILMENT: I'm known for sucking as much profit out of our investments as possible. Every one of the Investments is rated using my own personal formula+ discussed in a meeting with the best investors , and the database is updated every week, sometimes even daily.

The hottest investments are automatically flagged for your attention, and every new investment is listed in our database, highlighted for you to profit the moment it goes live. This single database puts you at a massive advantage to over 100,000 Outside investors that blow their cash.

If you follow my simple steps, you'll make an incredible income: but with one very important catch...

All you need to do is to sit back in comfort and let us pick the “profit opportunities” for you. Soon you could be siphoning off a large second income for yourself, right from the comfort of your own home.

It is possible that you could make as much as some of my previous students, but I can't absolutely guarantee you will have this same success.

You see, in fairness you do need a few things if this is to work for you, and it would be unfair of me not to mention them here. This is the bit I mentioned earlier, where I check to see if you qualify to apply my exclusive club …

Firstly, you need discipline. Sorry, but this may rule you out.

You need the discipline to follow my step-by-step instructions.

Most of all, you need the discipline to do NOTHING sometimes.

And why do you need discipline? Simple.


To make the profits my test subjects have made, you will often need to do nothing until the membership flags a profit opportunity -
and then you pounce for the kill...


Sounds simple when you put it like that.

And yet so many people get too clever. They invest left and right based on hunches and whims. They get greedy and can't wait. They aren’t satisfied with making $100,000 a year easy money, they want $1 million now. They think they know better than us when we tells them otherwise. If you are too ill-disciplined to follow simple instructions, then this is not right for you.

So the discipline you need is to follow my step-by-step instructions to the letter. If you do that, exactly as I tell you, you could be well on your way to a small fortune.

Be honest: are you living the life you choose?

As I say, the main benefit from working from home is not the cash, or even the trappings of wealth… it’s the freedom to live the life you choose, whatever that may be, … never waking up in the cold at 7AM in the morning, taking vacations whenever you choose, having more time to play, relax and just plain spend time with friends and family.

Imagine a world of no daily commutes, no bosses, a world where you make more while you sleep than others make while they work.

Most of all, for me, making money from the internet means looking after my friends and family, and not having to answer to anyone ever again. The trips to Brazil, Thailand and USA are great, but the real enjoyment comes from one thing: freedom of choice.

You should think about what freedom means to you, and whether you are ever going to live the life you choose doing what you are currently doing.

What's it worth for you to have an easy,
step-by-step formula to financial freedom?

What would it mean for you to be able to go from zero to having thousands of dollars in your account in just a few weeks? What price would you attach to pay off your debts, give your family the support they deserve? I could easily sell this package for many tens of thousands of dollars, and I know that there are enough people smart enough to gladly pay that price.

I have personally spent tens of thousands of dollars on software, development and training to learn the information which I am about to pass onto you. I've invested tens of thousands of hours, perfecting my craft, and when you consider how much you currently spend chasing your dreams, you will quite clearly see what a saving this represents.

Moreover, if I was to charge you one on one for personal coaching, I would want to charge over $30,000. If you remember that I made over $600000 in a year just investing into opportunities.

And, remember that I have already invested over $30,000 in this club , and so any price below that represents an incredible saving.

Why are you revealing these powerful secrets...
and why not for $30,000 or more?


If there’s one thing I wanted to convey with this letter, its this: I've been in your shoes.

And like you, I'm tired of all the unfulfilled promises that those make money guides are dishing out on a daily basis. I spent a small fortune on get-rich-quick guides, survey products, and other scams.

And I want to put an end to it now.

Also, remember that giving away secrets is nothing new to me. I have already shared my insights with friends, relatives and opportunity seekers on the web.

That I give away secrets at a whim has already been proven.

The question is why - but the answer may shock you…

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